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Hey guys! One of our dear friends messaged me not long ago looking for some love advice. Sometimes, when faced with love dilemmas, I feel like I know exactly the right thing to say, but other times... even the Princess of Love could use some help haha.
At the user's request, I'm keeping them anonymous, but I'm going to summarize what they've told me as best I can, and maybe you guys can offer up some advice. I'm sure it would be very, very appreciated :)

Here's The Sitch

"My two best friends are dating each other. One's a guy, and one's a girl. I love them both. Only problem is... I think I'm actually in love with my guy best friend. He can read me like a book, and so can she, and I'm really worried that one of them will find out. My girl best friend asked me whose side I would choose if they broke up... I kind of feel like that's a bad sign. I'm worried for them, but I'm also confused, because part of me is secretly kind of hoping they will break up... but if I dated my guy best friend, I know that would really hurt my girl best friend, and possibly ruin our friendship forever."
The Vingler involved really appreciates any help and wisdom you can give!! :)
Wow that's really tough, but I think I may be of some help on this. I had two friends of mine (both girls) who were in a very similar situation. One friend, Meg, had a boyfriend, but my other friend, Liz, had a major crush on him and eventually thought she loved him. Meg found out, but Liz swore she wouldn't do anything about it....then Liz kissed him and Meg found out. Meg came to me to find out if this was true...and it was. I hated to see my friends gift about this, but I knew Liz was in the wrong. What I'm saying is don't act on your feelings. Maybe those feelings will pass, maybe they won't, but you have to consider what's important: your feelings for this boy or your friendship with both. If they break up, don't give into those feelings right away. Wait and see if you still have those feelings and if you still wait a while to act on them becuz they could both be hurting still and you don't wanna be the rebound. And if you do eventually decide to confess your feelings, I'd talk to your girl friend first to get her to understand your situation before going after he ex. Also, if they ever tell you to choose sides, don't. Tell them that you'll be there for both, but won't choose between them because you care about them both. That's all I've got to say on the matter. I hope this helps.
I'd say stick to being a good friend to both of them, and lose your crush. Even if they do break up, if you confess your feelings for the guy, you're still going to hurt your girlfriend. Honestly, boyfriends come and go, but really close friends are harder to find.
Yikes, this sounds a little messy. I'd say stay away from the feelings. I know they are your best friends, and you wouldn't want to hurt any of them. So stick to being a better friend. Sometimes we can get caught up in the "what if.." but if we stick to the "how can i improve right now" it'll be a better situation for you:) tagging some friends...maybe you all can help? @SirMelrose @KarissaHernande @stayposi @quitenteague @TheWoodsman @MannyPadron @LuigiValencia @TomasOlivares @AngryItalian01 @cassidylynn @MannyPadron
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