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So, today's Monday, and though I have to head in to work later, I couldn't be more happy! That's because I think I may have discovered a cure for the Monday Blues.
I woke up to discover that one of my cards on Vingle was discovered and translated!
This is a screenshot of the translated page done by @JHLee655 that you can see here. I wasn't sure what language this was and then learned that it was Korean.
HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! A card that I wrote and created on Vingle was translated into another language so AN ENTIRE KOREAN-SPEAKING culture can enjoy, learn and participate in!
If ONLY I knew how to communicate in Korean--I would say THANK YOU! :)
This is a screenshot of the card that I created, which you can see here.

I know of NO OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM where you can create a card and have it translated for an entirely NEW AUDIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lessons Learned:
1. Don't be shy.
2. Write cards that are relevant to the community they are published in.
3. Participate in comments/questions/discussions.
4. Be YOU! (and have fun with it)
And maybe...someone will discover your card and translate it! Wouldn't it be cool to learn that your card was translated into 10 different languages (or more)!?!?!?!?!
Have you ever written a card and discovered it was translated?
Have you ever translated a card that you loved?
I am going to challenge all the bi-tri-multi-lingual people of Vingle to explore cards in other languages (that you understand) and translate them into English. Imagine all the cool things we could discover that way!
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@InPlainSight Hey well if I can put being multilinguistic to use and even if it just means translating stuff on here why not plus it gives me practice but like I said it may still not be for a long while. 馃槃
YES!!!!! @TracyLynnn DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!
Wow I would like to translate cards to Spanish, but most of my friends or people I know only speak English.
That's ok. go ahead and translate them anyway