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Sometimes when we're on the journey of transforming our bodies, we have fitness idols we look up to for inspiration. We even aspire to be some of those people. However, I personally believe it's more productive to focus on ourselves as competition. We should strive to become our best selves, better than our yesterday selves.
When I was in powerlifting, I had a terrible habit of comparing myself to other lifters. And although the sport does pit you against other lifters, it wasn't productive to beat myself over being weaker than the girl who had double the lifting experience than I had. I shouldn't compare myself with the girl who had been an athlete all of her life, while I had just a new lifter who once though being active was the most awful thing ever.
Anyway, just compare yourself to where you were yesterday.

It's not You vs Them

It's Today's You vs Yesterday's You

Very true, always compete against yourself, it works out better in the long run.
I like this!