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Okay so I've been addicted to these screen shot games and maybe I'll make one I'm still deciding haha anyway these are my results and I'll be posting my other ones too later (I procrastinate so much so don't hold your breath) The game was made by: @PrettieeEmm
BANG BANG BANG It will be a party everyday!!
This is perfect because I can't sing but I can rap like a boss and by that I mean rap to all of Eminem's songs without messing up lol
Tao If you don't remember I made a card all about him and honestly he is too perfect I love him so much
His name is so familiar to me but I honestly don't remember where he is from... but I trust him if we're partners in crime because I do stupid things
NO REN WHY?! WE BOTH LOVE LADY GAGA LETS BE FRIENDS! (plus almost everyone's rival is Ren...what have we done)
Dara is bae
I can't imagine how a scandal started... (BTW I'm finally starting to tell the difference between Jimin and Jin)
jin wants a scandal to show how manly he is not how he is a princess lol
Love the subunit Jinwoo is from Winner he's the oldest and so sweet