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In case you missed it, Beyonce killed it during last night's Super Bowl 50 halftime show. Also, in case you missed it, Bey nearly succumbed to the forces of gravity, but caught herself mid-motion and turned an almost-fall into a piece of dance choreography.
Who else can do that?! (and make it look legit?!)
Take a look at the clip above.
Call it pride, performance or both, but Beyonce wasn't going to fall for nobody--and certainly not during this show stopping performance!
It happens to everyone!
she gets my respect for turning whoops into wow
@marshalledgar for sure! No one wants to bust their butt on stage - especially on a stage as big as the Super Bowl - and she saved it like the pro that she is. Besides, until it was pointed out, I guarantee MOST people didn't even catch it. >_>