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"Love Dolls", companionship ready just 4 You!
I don't know about you,bit disturbing, and degrating, topic, " Would you buy a Sex Doll".... or in a cleaner and true name, "A real doll"??. This isn't new just a fad thats within a certain group of men, who seems to have sheltered, mental issues, self esteem issues, way to much money... etc. The average doll without customized features offered later in ordering one is going for $2.500 to $4,000. From what Ive seen, these dolls are a piece of art, and being purchased, mostly in the UK and Overseas in Asia. Docs have been filmed on these "love dolls" and from what I've seen makes these manufacturer companies of these dolls a good profit. Now that its 2016 I wonder if the dolls are still in demand? Answer says, In a New York times article: It might sound like the plot of a 1980s sci-fi film - but sex robots may actually be the biggest tech trend of 2016. The popularity of the artificially human machines has grown directly in tandem with their realism. And not only will people be having intimate relations with them - they may even fall in love with them too. Hmmm, they are even becoming robotic! For full details on this feed, please click on the link below, you'll be more fascinated with take!
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@EasternShell , but when it comes to commitment, you have to be very committed, the dolls needs maintenance every so other year, make up is done by the owner, clothing, the whole thing, but when your ready to dump her, box her up, ship for a new one... I would think guys truly would invest in these dolls, as I'm sure they must be detached from society, with no social life but work or school. One must wonder the psychological state the buyer's mind is at, I'd expect a young male going thru puberty. lol. smh, but I'm turned on by the real thing and want the real affection and companionship of another human. For the amount of money they pay, I'd just do a "mail order bride"...
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@mscocoasupreme it's still one-sided because the buyer has an option of not upkeeping the doll. I've been told that these dolls are popular. Idk and they are eerily life-like.
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@mscocoasupreme I didn't because that was the first thing that popped into my head.
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ey i'd f*** a doll. lol. But i guess when i am not dating
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the last pic is like forever single xD
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