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Seems like every year beauty magazines give us their 'hair through the decades' comparing styles of today with that of yesteryear. Well, today is no different because I found a great slideshow of hairstyles from Bazaar, which you can see here.
Demi Lavato channels the 1920s.
Lily James takes on the 1930s.
Amber Heard loves the neo-1940s.
Amy Adams updates the 1950s housewife.
Kate Bosworth bops the 1960s with panache.
Solange kills this look from the 1970s.
Ponys for days. Beyonce knows how to take a 1980s staple and turn it on its head.
Ringlets of the 90s are back. Sort of. But only if Emily Ratajkowski does it.
Swifties will be happy to see their 1989 beauty, Taylor Swift rocking the softer side of crimped hair of the 0s.
This is a good year to maybe try a new hairstyle. Scared to take the plunge? Don't be!
If @VivianaMorales can change it up with style--looking SO GOOD--you can too! See her card here!
Ahhh @marshalledgar this is so cute!! I love how you highlighted @VivianaMorales's awesome curls :) You're so sweet. <3 It's so cool to see how people adapt old hairstyles for the modern age. I think Demi looks stunning with that smoky liner and dark lipstick – like a 1920's film star!!
@AlloBaber @marshalledgar you guys are too sweet. Thank you!
demi is getting it right. @allobaber. I still think @vivianamorales slayed it with those curls! she looks dynamitr
never ever!
Kate can do no wrong honestly @jordanhamilton
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