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The ever-lovely Ms. @Tbell2 has started off the February Ships and Feels cards, where we are leading up to Valentine's day with different themed days all in the line of our favorite ships and feelsies from anime.
The first day was yesterday, so this is a bit of a catchup card. But here is some fan art for some of my favorite ships of all time.

NaruHina Watercolor by Uthopia on Deviantart

I love watercolor art. Especially when it's for my favorite ship in all of Naruto. Look at how happy they look!

Simple NaLi by Helvetica06 on deviantart

Of all the popular ships in Fairy Tail, I side with the less camp when it comes to the Natsu ships. Most people prefer NaLu. Honestly NaLi makes so much more sense to me.

Kaneki X Touka

I don't know the artist for this piece. I just love the watercolor-ish aspect to Touka's kagune here, and the way they press their foreheads together. WHY CAN'T THEY BE?

Esdeath X Tatsumi

I don't know why I ship it, but I ship it. Shoot me.

SasuNaru, Armless

I saw an image like this one when the manga officially ended, and honestly it sums up exactly how I feel the moment played out in my head. Sorry not sorry, the SasuNaru feels is reals.
@InVinsybll hehehe I love the choices!!!! X) naruhina and sasunaru are priceless!!!!
I personally believe HiNaruto sounds better
i like the art