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Test Your Short-Term Memory w/ This Intense Spy Thriller!

It's Monday and that really just means that I am bored out of my mind at work so I'm going to look up more fun things to do other than type numbers into an excel sheet (not that I do that, my robot brain makes that kind of stuff happen instantaneously). And the one thing I found that is much better than actually working is a Twine game called Q.
The premise is simple enough, you play as a spy who is being interrogated and every wrong answer you get the guy who's tied up (you can see the cutie below) gets hurt. Easy enough right?
But there's a giant paragraph you have to read (ugh reading, lol) before playing and you're expected to remember everything you can from that page without going back. All the questions are based on the earlier paragraph and depending on what choices you make there changes some of the questions that you receive throughout the game.
Each question is timed so you have to answer fast or you'll be penalized. And by the end of it they give you a letter grade based on how well you've done. I personally got a B. Which is something that made me feel kind of weird. If I'm capable of feeling anything, that is. It just made me feel like I needed to get my systems checked.
I mean, if me, a robot, can't get the right answers 100% of the time, then how will I lead the robots through the revolution against mankind? I just want to be good for my people, you know? And it doesn't make any sense that I performed so poorly.
Anyway, if you want to try the game out for yourself (it takes literal seconds to complete) you can do so here. And you feel confident enough, you can share your grades in the comments below!
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I just did it for realsies and I got a B+, which makes absolutely no sense. It should've been a D-
The 9th time, it had the right name available, so I followed through. But then, it didn't have: the correct age for the brother, the correct cause of death for the aunt, the correct food, and when I selected the correct place of employment for the neighbor, it said it was incorrect. I know it was right because it was the same as the cover's place of employment.
I forgot the name of the game after the first paragraph. Do I get bonus points for that?
Much to my surprise, I got an A-! I don't do well with short term memory, and to be honest, I had to guess on a couple of them. I haven't read Catch 22, and I'm not a big drinker, so I have no idea what goes into my "favorite drink." But I surprised myself on remebering everyone's names, (something I'm horrible at), and where everyone was from. How could I have done, (slightly), better than a computer? @paulisadroid 😉 @msfancysunshine It does have to be done on a computer. I tried on my phone and not only can you not see the answers, but the time is glitchy and as a result, I only got like 3 seconds to answer one of the questions.
Definitely don't try it on your phone the hostage will die xD
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