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This weeks group is HOTSHOT!
HOTSHOT is a six member hip hop group under K.O Sound consisting of members Hojung, San, Sungwoon, Kid Monster, Timoteo, and Junhyuk.
Hotshot is known for not being a group with a concept, but one consisting of perfectly skilled members that are worth anticipating. Most notably, All members helped produce their debut song.
The meaning of HOTSHOT is: “someone who does really well in the world of music”, and their official color is Burgundy.
Before their debut, the boys began building their name by releasing a series of videos called ‘HOTSHOT VOLUMES’, and a webtoon called ‘HOTSHOTTOON’. They also had two fanmeetings, and released song covers via YouTube and SoundCloud.
HOTSHOT officially debuted through KBS Music Bank on October 31th 2014 with their single album “Take A Shot”. They promoted ‘Take A Shot’ on the various music shows. On March 24th 2015, they released their pre-release track ‘Midnight Sun’ preparing their fans for their comeback with their first mini album.
HOTSHOT released their first mini-album “AM I HOTSHOT?” on April 24th 2015, and promoted their title track ‘Watch Out’ on the various music shows. They followed up with their repackage album “I’M A HOTSHOT” which was released on July 2nd 2015 and is the answer for their previous album. They promoted their title track ‘I’M A HOTSHOT’ on the various music shows.
(All of my info is from various fan websites, info for MADTOWN also came from fan websites so thank you to those fans for providing wonderful info on these amazing groups!!)
Next will be the individual member cards. Please enjoy HOTSHOT!
Here are music videos and dance practices or dance versions. ENJOY MY LOVES
Group of the week taglist:
@Helixx OOOOO WE SHARE!!!!!!!
@JiyongLeo Did you say San simply because he's a rapper?
Thanks for the info! I'd heard of them, but never really listened to them. Now I've seen all their videos. Chalk them up as another band to steal my life.
Ok, I have looked at all the member cards. Which one do you think is my bias?
@JiyongLeo So, my bias is....JUNHYUK! I looked at the first set of pictures on his card and immediately I knew... then I scrolled down and read he's the leader and I threw my hands up. What is with me???
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