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You know, *aside* from Marvel.

Personally I've got very odd taste in movies. I love action movies, but tend to find a lot of them alienating. I don't have the patience for most comedies but I love to laugh. So the things I end up watching a loving tend to be... weird.


The last of humanity is living on a train after the planet froze. But there's a stark difference between the quality of life in the front and the back.
If you have any doubts about Chris Evans' acting abilities... just watch this. He's brilliant. And it's so bizarre. There's really nothing else like it.

Terminator 2

I WILL FOREVER LOVE THIS MOVIE. Sarah Connor is my hero.


His girlfriend dies. He's a suspect. And then he grows horns.
This movie is wild and dark and so amazingly crafted. Everyone in the cast is incredible, but Daniel Radcliffe totally blew me away.

In Bruges

The long weekend from hell.
The screenplay was written by playwright Martin McDonagh and it's profane and irreverent and it will probably break your heart.

Mad Max: Fury Road

The entire Mad Max franchise is epic, but this one was my favorite (this and The Force Awakens were easily my favorite movies last year). The stunt team was incredible, the special effects were WILD, and the performances by the cast were all so moving. Can't say enough good things about it.

And of course Charlie Chaplin.

Couldn't just pick one. All of his movies are amazing.
I'm looking forward to seeing what other movies the Marvel community recommends!
@shannonl5 Haven't read it yet either. I've had it on my bookshelf for ages now. Too much books :/
@shannonl5 Yeah, for me too! Have you read the graphic novel?
Snowpiercer is beyond amazing! Great selection of movies 馃榾
@dominika ah yes, I know that struggle XD
@dominika not yet :( is it good?
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