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Part 5!!! Happy Reading!! *Warning, contains some language and a little bit of smut. Read at your own risk*
You wake up with a pounding head ache. You groan as you roll on your side, facing the wall. You look at the broken picture frame. "I'll clean it up later," you think as you close your eyes, waiting for sleep. But sleep didn't come. You groan again as you throw the covers off of you. You hear your stomach growl and get up to head to the kitchen for some food. When you enter the hallway, you see a tall figure kneeling by the table. You freeze. "I thought I locked the door," you thought. You watch as the figure stands up and walks over to the trash can, a dustpan in his hand. You then remember the glass that you dropped, then you get confused. "Why is he cleaning for me?" he dumps the shards in the trash and turns to you. Your mouth falls open when you realize who it is. "Jagiya," Chanyeol says. You don't respond. You don't know how to react. He starts walking over to you. "Jagiya," he repeats. You take a step back as he travels closer to you. He stops. You look at him for the first time since your fight. It's still him. It's still the man you fell in love with. He has a small cut on his forehead and a bruise on his right arm. You want to wrap your arms around him, but refrain from doing so. He stares at you. "Jagiya, I-" "Why?" you interrupted. "Why have you been acting like this?" He puts his head down. "I know you're mad. You have every right to be. But please," he looks up at you, tears forming in his eyes. "Listen to what I have to say."
You take a step forward and place a hand on his cheek. "Why have you been pushing me away?" you ask. You spot a tear rolling down his cheek. "Why didn't you want to see me at the hospital?" "I couldn't face you," he says. "I thought you were still mad at me. I thought-" he voice starts to break. More tears roll down his cheeks. "I thought you would leave me," he breaks down. You quickly wrap your arms around him and pull him close. He wraps his around your waist and sibs into your neck. "I'm sorry," he says between sobs. " I'm sorry for being an asshole. I'm sorry for making you mad. I'm sorry for causing you pain. I'm sorry for calling you a bitch. I'm so sorry." You pull him closer and dig your head in his shoulder. His sobs echo in the hallway. "Channie," you whisper. Chanyeol continues to cry. You feel tears forming in your eyes. You hate seeing people cry, especially Chanyeol. He grips you tighter. "Don't leave me," he whimpers out. "Please don't leave me." "Never," you say. You knew you should be mad at him, but you weren't. Your brain pushes all the negative thoughts away. You wanted Chanyeol. You didn't want to hold a grudge against him. You pull back a little and kiss him, forgetting how sweet his lips were. He doesn't hesitate to kiss you back his hand moves up your back. You grab his face and pull his head down closer to yours. You missed his lips so much. He breaks apart from you and grins. His cheeks are no longer wet and his eyes are sparkling. "I love you so much," he says before kissing you again. "I love you too, Channie." You say as you hug him tighter. He chuckles. "I'll tell you everything. I promise."
You both are sitting on the living room floor. Chanyeol clenches your hand with such force, you feel like he's going to crush it. "My parents are making me quit music." You mouth falls open. "What?" "Business isn't doing so good at the restaurant. Some workers quit, so they need extra help." "Why can't they just hire some more people? Why can't they have someone work for no pay, or be paid in small wages?" you ask. "Jagi, you know people won't work for no money. Not in this century." You let out a small sigh. "I have to meet them tomorrow and talk to them," he looks up at you. "Can you come with me?" "Yes," you answer immediately. You know how much Chanyeol loves music, so you wanted to help him anyway you can. Chanyeol throws his arms around you. "Thanks, Jagi. I'm really sorry for not telling you this." You smile and hold him close. The feeling of sadness slips away, and all you can think about is seeing Chanyeol happy.
Later that night, you and Chanyeol ordered some food and sat on the couch watching the TV. You snuggle close to his chest as he drapes his arm around you. "You're so beautiful," he says, looking down at you. "I'm so sorry for being such a douche." "Stop apologizing. I already accepted." "I know, but I still feel bad." he whines. "Stop feeling bad," you say as you lightly hit his chest. Then, he grabs you and sets you on his lap. He buries his face in you neck. "I love you," he says as he places a kiss on your lips. You giggle as you wrap your arms around his waist.
His kiss got deeper. You pulled his head closer to yours. Your kisses got sloppier, but more passionate. He slides his hands under your shirt and up your waist until they stop on your breasts. He squeezes his hands on them, causing you to moan. You run your hand through his hair and feel him member press against you. You move your hips against it, causing him to groan. "Jagiya," he whispered as he picked you up. You wrap your legs around him as he carries you into the bedroom. He gently sets you down on the soft sheets and starts kissing your neck. he finds your sweet spot and starts sucking on it, making you throw your head back. Your hands find the hem of his shirt and jerk it upward. He grabs it and throws it over his head. You let your fingers trace the lines of his abs as he kisses your lips, sucking on your bottom lip. He grabs your shirt and lifts it over your head. You lift your arms up, allowing him to slide the fabric off of you. He throws your shirts somewhere and starts kissing your chest. He then starts trailing kisses down towards your stomach, then trails back up to your lips. "I want you," he says as his lips make contact with yours. "I want you too," you sigh out. He smirks at you, his eyes filled with passion and lust. "Let me have you," he whispers, biting your ear. "I'm yours," you say before he kisses you, his hand playing with your hair. **** You dig your nails into his shoulders. A wave of pleasure washes over you. "Chanyeol," you gasp out. He thrusts into you harder, hitting you spot, causing you to grab the sheets underneath you. You wrap your legs around him, allowing him to go deeper into you. You throw head back and moan as he starts nibbling your neck, leaving small hickeys in his wake. He grunts and starts going faster, almost getting close to your, and his release. ****** You place a hand on his chest, trying to catch your breath. Chanyeol turns on his side and wraps his arms around you. "That was amazing," he says as he kisses the side of your head. "It was," you reply. "I love you," Chanyeol states before closing his eyes. You nuzzle yourself closer to him and close your eyes. 'What did I do to deserve you?' you think before falling into a peaceful sleep
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