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If you is one of my favorite songs by bigbang, and the official art work for it is my favorite of all five members so far!
most odd of TOPs Instagram posts. ever. lol but still awesome
GD playing guitar. I would love to hear him play live, if he still does
the first one is titled YG TV but I always thought it was BigBang tv. just to be safe I included another video I'm sure is bigbang tv. or partially sure lol
The panda basking in the sun on the boat in busan.
so I found a few of them with the MPD. I took screen shots of them with it, and included a video or two. lol
Love Taeyang with animals of any kind. Sad about Boss, but he was so cute with Taeyang.
so KwangTaeJi...how to explain, lol. I only know about it through GD and YB taking part in Infinity Challenge, and Kwnaghee joining their group. When I think of them I think of the song GD and YB made for the tri to sing, and when they went on the ride in the lake, and singing karaoke. I think of all those things when I think of KwangTaeJi. Kwang is for Kwanghee, Tae is for Taeyang, and Ji I for JiYong. I think Kwanghee is the one that made the name, and its a very easy to say and remember name. lol
I love Daes smile. Throughout the years it's stayed the same, of course there was those months where he was really sad, for good reason ;_; I was sad with him but I didn't think he was at fault. I'm very happy he's back to smiling and showing his very happy side!
I love when GD has red hair. It is my favorite color on him. I love this type of style on him with the red hair. Where the top is long, but not too long, and the sides are cut short, almost to the scalp or all the way to the scalp. (first picture is my absolute fav of him with this hair style. Look at that face! He's like "Yea, I know you love me and think i'm sexy." lol)
lol people are awesome, dressing their kids up as BigBang from their Alive album days lol
GD loved pranking Se7en a lot. this was the only video still up, but I've seen videos of him doing this a lot where he'll act or pretend something. lol
Something else you might not know, BIGBANG once Stripped on stage. Top too, not just GD and YB and Ri and Dae, but Top did it too!
Something I didn't know until recently, The Song LOLLIPOP by 2ne1 feat BigBang was made for a phone commercial
i'm eating chicken strips and fries. yum yum lol
ZOMBIES! at least that's what I would think of seeing this picture, lol. And since we are kinda alike....lol ZOMBIES!!!!! tagging the team and two others Lol @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @Helixx @JiyongLeo @caychyacrayon @BBxGD @Sailynn