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Couples in love are working on their big-night plans for Valentines Day, while the singles of the world are also working on a lovely plan (although a bit different). Inspired by @jordanhamilton's card on This/That Valentine's Outfits, I will pose two situations for Singles Night Out, and you have to pick one.

Here goes:)

Choice 1: You go all-out with your single friends. You get all dressed, up go to a bar or just go dancing. But the point is to go all out and meet other singles right? Most couples are doing their own thing, might as well try to meet some new single people out there
Choice 2: You have an all-out happy-to-be-single party at home. You pick anti-Valentines Day movies to watch, bake cupcakes, and drink wine. The point of the night is to embrace your singleness and enjoy your friend's company. You don't need to look for anyone on the biggest day of love, you can love your friends.

Which choice would you pick?

I'm kinda on that same page @alywoah I think I'd pick number 2 on Valentine's Day especially since some people get real weird when they go out on that day.. haha
Hm. I like both. For many years with my single friends I would do number one. But I think at this point of my life, I'd choose number 2.
C) Staying home, playing Halo with my kids, trying to forget I'm single now, getting a killing spree whenever I do remember...
I think 2....I think keep your valentine's day singleness behind closed doors...I have seen option 1 get messy very quickly, and usually ends in some tears from someone.
love this card! and I'm always down for #2! perfect scenario :)
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