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If you're looking to get FIRST ACCESS to Kanye's fashion show and music (yet to be released), get a free lunch, free bus ride and $80 out of the deal, you need to apply to be one of 1,200 Paid Extras that are being hired for the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, which coincidentally is when West's album is going to drop.
If you're in the New York area and want to apply, click here.
Show dates:
TOMORROW, Tuesday Feb 9th
Wednesday Feb 10th
Thursday Feb 11th.
Me too @TessStevens--if only for the free lunch! hahaha Too bad neither of us can go. But I know ONE person that could go. *looks at @jordanhamilton
I def just applied for the food and money! haha oh, and of course for the screening :) but thanks @marshalledgar, we shall see if they get back to me
I hope that you can go--take pics--write tons of cool cards on your experience. Everything from the beginning to the end. hehehe @jordanhamilton
AHHHH! Amazing. On the site now. thanks for tagging me :) @marshalledgar
God I would jump on this so hard if I was still in New York.
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