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How soon is too soon when it comes to those three words?

No, not 'netflix and chill', but I love you. It's apparent that you shouldn't tell someone you love them unless you truly mean it, but more and more people use those three words freely for a number of reasons.
The main one being they think it will make a person want to stick around, but as we all know -- actions always speak louder than words. If you think it's easy to just blurt those words out to whomever, whenever -- keep scrolling and watch this totes cute couple struggle to express their feelings when it comes to saying those three powerful, yet scary words.

How soon is too soon to tell your significant other that you love them?

Exactly @jordanhamilton I think it's like what the girl was saying in the video, she wants to make sure even though she FELT it.
totally agree @nicolejb it's one of those things where you definitely have to think before you speak because saying it too soon can ruin things and waiting forever to say it might cause some issues as well
That's so hard to say!! because I think some couples say it super soon and that makes sense for them! (maybe they were best friends for a long time, and knew, stuff like that). At the same time, it's a big thing to say, so definitely take your time!
YES! I agreed with her words 100%. I wouldn't want to just blurt it out and be the only one feeling that way @nicolejb
EXTREMELY vulnerable! I think that's why I loved it so much though. I felt like they were pouring themselves into one another. but when you do watch it, let me know what you think! @marshalledgar
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