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Who said a curl can only be done with dumbbells? Check out one of my favorite lifts for huge arms! ;-)

1) With your elbows close to your body, grab the outside of plate.
2) Lift the weight towards your chin. Keep the movement controlled, avoid swinging the weight.
3) Slowly bring the weight back down to the starting position.
@Chrisingularis' tip: Keep elbows steady and move weight by contracting biceps.
If you have any additional tips for this exercise, please let me know in the comments below and I will add them to this card. :)
There's also the bottoms up curl aka drink till you can't stand... Ohhhh wait.... Healthy stuff.... But seriously nice card. I assumed that we have to keep elbows steady and move weight by contracting biceps?
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Yes yes you're right. I'll add that to the card :) :) @chrisingularis
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