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Every year we watch companies spend countless dollars on Super Bowl commercials in an effort to make their brand unforgettable.
While there were many odd and funny commercials yesterday, one that grabbed the attention of everyone on social media was the Xifaxan Diarrhea commercial.
For starters, the "poop puppet" is just hilarious.
He's floating around, trying to navigate his way through the world while battling an upset stomach.
The situational comedy is extremely odd, yet funny. I wouldn't have placed my bet on Diarrhea making a big impact on Super Bowl Sunday, but it did.
I was freaked out at the puppymonkeybaby thing *chills*
@ButterflyBlu I haven't seen that I guess I gotta go find that online
@peahyr YES! That and the Taco Bell commercial for the Quesalupa(?) that's just random people marveling over the cheese (because Cheese!)...but it ends with The King George Takei sitting in a throne-like chair laughing maniacally. I'm a complete and utter dork, but I fangirled like the geek that I am! lol
My favorite one is the Ryan Reynold's vill
@ViStorm that thing was freaky af
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