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"Oh! Hello there you beautiful Mac Daddies and stunningly appetizing mistresses. I didn't see you there, teehee. I hope you're all prepared for this new segment I'm making called 'Marvel Questionnaire'!! Here's how it works...I simply ask a question, you all give me your answers down in those comments. Don't be shy, hit that like button too, my lovely squishies. Now....let's get started. I have an appointment with Banner. Says he can beat me in arm wrestling. Tsk tsk, the nerve of some people."
In 1996 (My birth year) DC comics and Marvel comics joined forces for a twelve issue series named... (pause for dramatic effect)...DC vs. Marvel! The combined entities became what was known as Amalgam Comics. Together the two companies combined one of their characters with the others, and let me tell you....some of them were pretty badass!
Joker x Sabertooth Batman x Wolverine Wonder Woman x Storm Green Lantern x Iron Man and many more characters were combined.

Question Time!!

If Marvel and DC were to ever crossover again, who would be some characters you'd like to see fused?? @amobigbang @LadyLuna @buddyesd @JimTurden @dominika @redapple615 @LAVONYORK @Krystalstar22 @AlloBaber @BeannachtOraibh @CloeySuess @shannonl5 @RyanOgg @MichaelOgg @ShinigamiSan @MarvelTrashCan @ThePervySage @CreetheOtaku @BelleofRay @peahyr @cardboardart (Tag anyone else who I've forgotten)


The Flash and Deadpool. Superman and Thor. Deadpool and Joker.
Spider-Man and Catwoman.... something about their opposite moral values makes me think that could be fun. Plus who doesn't want to see Peter Parker suddenly become a pussy magnet ;)
nightwing and winter soldier, Batman and magneto storm and Batgirl
Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate
Wade and Slade ...nm it wouldn't make much difference . I think though Flash and Hawkeye would make something pretty cool.
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