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Last Friday, I shared some vids of Ken and Zangief as they're portrayed in Street Fighter V and over the weekend Capcom released two more character intros covering Nash (Charlie Nash as I remember him) and Necalli (a new character debuting in Street Fighter V). You can check Nash's video above.
One of the things I really like about Nash in this game is how he's reimagined as a version of Frankenstein's Monster. I really enjoy the character design but his moves especially his V Skill make me want to use him the most. The way he teleports across the screen and can absorb projectiles looks like it'll be extremely useful. I'm just worried that I'm little rusty and won't get a hang of how to play him as fast as I want to.
Necalli is a little more different. Honestly, a lot of his moves remind me of Wolverine in Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Especially the way he rushes the opponent and hits him with a bunch of slashes. That looks a lot like a Wolverine move but I'm not complaining. I still think it's cool. It's also pretty interesting that Necalli is only super effective when you can close the gap between yourself and the opponent.
It worries me a little bit that Matt Edwards, Capcom's Community Manager, said that Necalli is one of the easier characters to get into that also has some of the strongest normal attacks. My only worry comes from the number of players who might end up choosing Necalli as their main. It all depends on how good I could get at the game as well.
And last but not least, a fully CG trailer for Street Fighter dropped this morning and it looks like this is probably the opening cinematic when you first boot up the game. It's pretty interesting because they go into each other characters just for a little bit and show a little slices of each character's personality and motivation. I'm hype for this game and I can't wait for it to come out.
[But I probably won't pick it up until after I can get a fight stick too. Playing fighting games with a controller is definitely one of my least favorite things to do]
What do you guys think of all this new footage? I know some of you are hype for Street Fighter V after reading the comments in the last card about the game. What do you think of Necalli? Will he be too overpowered or am I just a worry wart? Let me know in the comments below!
I'm pretty ambivalent about Street Fighter but this does look pretty cool. I'll probably only end up playing it if my one of my buddies gets it.
does anyone know from where to get street fighter action figures at reasonable price. . (DoNT SUGGEST EBAY).....i am from INDIA and.there is no street fighter action figures available