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I am dedicating this to all the men and women out there that are non-conformists, millennials, artists, designers, creative, different and play life by their own rules.
Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, getting married, or simply picking out flowers for yourself (as you enjoy being single), it's totally okay to bypass the "pretty" and "popular" flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, peonies, orchids, etc., in favor of more captivating flowers such as the pin cushion variety, shown above.
As someone who loves flowers so much that I get to my LA Flower district on a regular basis, I love it when people choose flowers that speak to them. When a bride says to me, Marshall, I want daisies, I get really happy. It means you know what you like, you go with your gut. You're about YOU and not following the pack. You're your own person--and I love that!
If you want to really go with something exotic, you should look into the king protea flower. It's stunning!
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