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I assume you've all seen it by now.

But just in case if your suggestion has [SPOILERS] please say so at the top of your comment! That being said... who has ideas for the Deapdool drinking game? I'd say every time a gun gets fired but I want to live.
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How about every time he breaks the 4th wall? Not frequent enough to induce alcohol poisoning but just enough so that it's still fun. Also sometimes subtle enough so that you have to pay attention to catch it.
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Every headshot and/or decapitation. There's bound to be lots of those, so we'll call this one hardcore mode.
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@MarvelTrashcan haha it felt like it! Maybe that was just the sound of Deadpool blowing my mind XD
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Every time he makes fun of someone
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for every dick joke is made but I'm underage by a year
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