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What else was this Deadpool starlet in?

I won't be mentioning any spoilers for the Deadpool movie here (save those for the community Talk) except to say that it was awesome. But if you, like me, now have a giant crush on Morena Baccarin you've got to check out her other work! Here are a few of my favorite things she's been in:


This show is an incredible thriller. Baccarin plays the wife of an American soldier who was held captive by anti-American terrorists for years. Nothing is what it seems, and Baccarin does an incredible job with an emotional role.


File under 'cancelled too soon', this series is a compelling sci-fi story with some amazing character building. Despite airing over ten years ago, it's still got an incredibly loyal following.


As comic book adaptations go, this one has gotten a bit less acclaim. It's a detective series, set in the period before a costumed hero steps up to save the day. Baccarin has a lot of fun with her role as Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

Who else loves her?

Because I'm looking forward to seeing her in lots more movies. Has she been in anything else that I missed?
I love her she's perfect 馃槏
She is MARVELous in GOTHAM. Way better than his old girl. Speaking of I NEED to catch up on this season. I love Gotham.
I saw the movie today....She's my new crush. I knew I saw her in something and it was Gotham. This card helped me remember. She's so pretty. And her smile.....I'm jealous of Deadpool. He got to lock lips with her 馃槀馃槀馃槨馃槼馃槏馃槏
@MoisEsGaray same she did a great job. I hope she has her powers in the sequel
She was also a badass in the last couple of seasons of Stargate SG-1.
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