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So... I finally got the courage to talk to this Korean guy at school that speaks just like BTS J-Hope (tone of voice/ english) and kind of looks like him. After always seeing him at school I finally get the courage to talk to him today after I worked out in the school's fitness center. So I was a mess. My hair, makeup, everything... Then when I start talking to him. I forget the little Korean I know.. aaah! I still talked to him though in english. But after talking to him... I feel extremely embarrassed now and I don't know why... I'm not normally as shy.. But.. I kind of feel like this...
Aaah I guess what is done is done. I don't think I said anything wrong... I just feel like.. aaah awkward... & more because I think he responded awkwardly... Oh well, I'll just go cry in a corner...

Hahaa Just Kidding!! ^.^

Anyways, hope you guys have a great day! I don't think no one will read this :) I just wanted to let out how I feel right now for my own good!! Hwaiting!
girl you keep trying, make him feel like his not being compared to a celeb, just become friends him or ask if you guys have any classes together or hobbies you and him might like idk
Hey @AnnahiZaragoza it's not like hes married lol I did no wrong cuz I didn't know, I got your back if the girl wants to throw down lol
if It was me I would not let him go.
Haha hey!! I always say that too. As long as someone isn't married right? lol Ok you'll be getting a follow request in a bit! :)
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