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So I will be going to the EXO concert in less then 3 days and I am excited!!!! But you know me and my friends made some awesome posters to show our love and support for them. This time they will have to let us bring them in for SURE!!!!
Here they are, These beauties right here!!! I am excited for people to see them and I hope that EXO can see them. They are not as big as my BIG BANG ones, but that is so they can let us take them in this time.
I also found out some bad news today that made me sad and well, bummed out. Kai will not be able to go to Dallas because of Visa issues...
So I made this support poster for both Lay and Kai.
It says "We love you Kai" on top
and "We love you Yi xing" on the bottom. Made one for each of my friends.
This should be a really great time!!!1 :D
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