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The new Civil War trailer answered zero questions.

All it did was raise a bunch of new ones! Granted, that's what trailers are for, but it only makes May seem that much farther away! There are a few theories floating around to explain the above image and none of them are good.
Stockholm Syndrome: Bucky has returned to Hydra either because of his programming or because he's had so much of his autonomy taken away he's not sure what else to do.
Wanda-induced vision: Like in Age of Ultron, this could be either a nightmare-vision or a flashback caused by Wanda's powers. (Intentional or are they out of control? Whose vision? SO MANY QUESTIONS).
Bucky is captured/re-captured: Bad news for him. It's entirely possible that Hydra is able to capture him while Steve is occupied fighting Tony.
Clones??? Super unlikely since this would really deviate from the comics, but are we really 100% sure that who we're seeing right now is the real Bucky?

Anyone else have theories?

There's not much we'll know for sure until the movie comes out, but it's fun to suffer/speculate.... right?
could be a memory of his time under hydras control
it might be a flashback sequence. I can hardly wait for this movie to come out!!!
@Superdose323 yeah I could see that being pretty useful in terms of the story they're telling. Part of me wonders if it's something Wanda shows Tony or something to try to convince him to stand down?