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Hello lovelies! Here we are at day 8. I've been really excited to do this card. "Characters that should get together." So the main ship I'm gonna be talking about in this card is a ship that is pretty unknown. There are maybe 10-15 fics of this pairing, and no fanart.
After a friend of mine saw the Daredevil series, she became completely enamored with this pairing and she started geeking out with me over it, and over the course of an evening this ship sunk it's claws into me.
I really think these two could be good for each other. They are both passionate about helping and protecting people , and I think they could find common ground on that (as much as Tony may deny it, he cares deeply about people). And I think the two of them could learn a lot from each other as well. Tony comes from a privileged life while Matt grew up in a love income household (I don't know if he and his dad were actually impoverished, but it's pretty easy to see that they were struggling financially at any rate). Tony never grew up in that kind of life situation, he grew up in a rich family, so I doubt he has much perspective on how people who live on a lower income where they're just barely getting by (or not getting by at all) and I think getting to know Matt and being with him would help give Tony that perspective. And you can't tell me Tony wouldn't go to hell and back for the person he loves. Also, Tony would totally make Matt gadgets (like something to help him with reading and a cane that can retract into a really short poll that he can throw in his bag or pocket so he doesn't keep throwing his canes away like he did in that episode where he ran after the blind guy and threw his cane in the dumpster). I also feel like the two of them have self esteem issues up the wazoo, but they'd be able to see the good in each other and be able to help each other out through just...loving each other, you know?
So yeah...I'm in pretty deep with these two.
and now for the short list (and for the record none of these pictures are mine)
Clint/Bruce (I blame Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes for this one)
As always, leave a comment if you'd like, and I'll see you all tomorrow with day 9!
Also, if anyone wants to get tagged in these, let me know! I don't know many people in this group, so I don't know who I should tag
@shannonl5 on AO3, there are like...10-15 fics, and only 3-4 of them are any good.
Awesome! I'll have to look into the Matt/Tony stuff because that's a new one for me!