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I understand that it was racial to some people but he did take it down quickly and apologized. People should not be having such hate towards him. He is apologizing for the action and taking responsibility so people can at least not be so hard on him.
I don't find it racist at all Tbh ....people are just over thinking it which is really unnecessary👌😝
@NasiaWright @MichelleIbarra I think it was when he made monkey sounds that offended people but he meant it as a joke. But like he's said before his jokes take a while to understand his jokes and gags.
@MichelleIbarra yeah me neither right like I said I found as if he's a fan of his and just decided to use his face just for the fun of it just like sometimes we use our bias's as our profile picture on our social media.
for the Chinese lunar New year thing and he probably was trying to be cute and funny...I mean that's how I took it ...others found it racist. @MichelleIbarra
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