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(My face when I read the rules and realized that I had to choose between my biases.)
I was tagged by @MorganElisabeth @ChelseaJay and @Zyxzj to do this challenge (apparently you guys all hate me lol) which was made by @AimeeH.

The Rules:

1. Choose 15 of your favorite biases. Don't worry about putting them in any particular order.
2. Answer the Questions.
3. Just have Fun!!

My Biases:

I ended up just picking the first 15 biases that came to mind
1. G dragon (Big Bang)
2. Jonghyun (Shinee)
3. Ailee
4. Yongguk (BAP)
5. Zico (Block B)
6. Jay Park
7. Mino (Winner)
8. Junhoe (Ikon)
9. Suga (BTS)
10. Taeyeon (SNSD)
11. S.coups (Seventeen)
12. Ken (Vixx)
13. Jessi (Lucky J/solo)
14. Crush
15. Junior (Got7)
(Me when I was trying to choose between my biases)

Questions and Answers:

☆Q1) Between 4 & 14: Who would You be more apt to marrying?
This is already so hard!! Who would I marry between Yongguk and Crush? Well, Yongguk can rap and he's really hot but Crush can sing me to sleep and introduce me to a ton of my khh/kr&b biases... I'm sorry Yongguk...I can't resist the opportunity to meet the Amoeba Culture artists...
☆Q2) Between 1 & 5: Who would you Sing/Rap with?
Wth I have to choose between Zico and GD??? What is this?!?! Ummmm....well GD is my bias from my favorite group but I've been loving everything that Zico has been putting out so I'll have to choose Zico. (I still love you GD!!!)
☆Q3) Between 6 & 13: Which one would you introduce to your Family?
Well shit... I don't think my family would really like either one of them. I think I'll have to pick Jessi on this one simply because she's a female and I think my family would be a little less disapproving than they would be if I introduced them to Jay.
☆Q4) Between 2 & 8: Who would be your best friend?
I love Jonghyun but he's like eight years older than me so I think that he and I are probably on different wavelengths of maturity right now and he probably wouldn't like the same things that I do. Junhoe is only a year older than me so he and I would probably understand each other better.
☆Q5) Between 3 & 15: Who Would you want to kiss More?
Ailee is queen but I don't think that either of us thinks of other females romantically so I choose Junior.
☆Q6) Between 7 & 12: Who Would you Rather nurse back to health.
Somehow I think that both Ken and Mino would be really annoying and clingy when they're sick. I choose Mino only because his voice would get even deeper and it would probably be really attractive.
☆Q7) Between 9 & 11: Who is the better Singer/Rapper?
I'm sorry Seungchol but Suga's got you on this one. The man spits fire!
☆Q8) Between 10 & 3: Who would get along with your friends more?
I pick Ailee simply because she's fluent in English and would probably have an easier time understanding our jokes. I think Taeyeon would make a great friend too though...
☆Q9) Between 8 & 15: Who Would you Date?
I would date Junhoe because I think we'd get along well. Plus he won't be afraid to return my occasional sassiness.
☆Q10) Between 1 & 7: Who would you cook for?
Do I cook for Mino or do I cook for his mother GD? This is assuming that I actually could cook btw because I'm actually really bad at it. I think...I would cook for GD but only because he's been one of my biases longer than Mino has.
☆Q11) Between 4 & 12: Who would make you laugh the most?
This one is easy. Ken! Sometimes even just looking at him makes me laugh (in a good way, of course).
☆Q12) Between 3 & 13: Who Has the most Contagious Smile?
I don't actually have an answer for this one. Of course, both Ailee and Jessi have beautiful smiles but I don't find either of their smiles contagious.
☆Q13) Between 5 & 10: Who would make the better father/mother?
Both Taeyeon and Zico are leaders so they obviously have experience taking care of people, but something tells me that at this moment Taeyeon would be the better parent.
☆Q14) Between 6 & 9: Who would you rather be stuck on an isolated Island With?
I would be stuck on an island with Jay because I know for a fact that he works out relatively often so I feel like he'd be of more use than Suga in this situation. Plus he's got abs and it's an island so he'd probably be shirtless pretty often...
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