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alright so this is part five! sorry it took so long to come out, I recently got a promotion at work and I was focused on that for the last week :P
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You’re laughing as the car stops and everyone starts to unbuckle their seat belts. GD had been telling you and the others stories about their tours, all the antics him and the members used to get into and the pranks SeungRi would pull on Daesung.
Walking around the car you accept the hand Ji-Yong holds out to you, loving the fact that it felt so natural now. Walking with him to the entrance to the park you look around in wonder at all the sights. “I wonder if the RM show has to pay for using this the whole day? I’ve always been curious about that, if they pay something to use the parks and special places, or if the advertising they do on the show pays for it instead?” You ask Ji-Yong, not fully expecting him to know but wanting to voice your curiosity anyways.
Ji-Yong makes a humming noise before stopping at the entrance to the park. “I’m not entirely sure. I’ve never actually thought about it before.” He admits, and you feel a burst of happiness that he would admit to not knowing. Many men that you’ve dated or befriended would have lied and said something without knowing if it is actually true or not, just to impress you. The fact that he spoke honestly was a huge thing to you.
The PD and all the camera men enter the park, gathering around as they set up to video tape the table and cards that would declare when you and everyone else would enter the park to start looking for the Gold Mics. The PD directed each team to come forward as a couple to choose their cards, and while everyone else was distracted you tugged lightly on GD’s hand to have him follow you a little bit away.
Whispering you share you plan. “I’ve watched so many episodes, I feel like I know exactly what to do.” GD nods in encouragement, his desire to win ignited. “Whichever of us that has the lower number will cautiously look for the prizes at first. Stay near, but not too near the entrance. If they announce the number that is entering listen for mine, if you’re before me.” He’s nodding with a big smile on his face and you feel a little embarrassed before continuing. “Once the number before mine is called, if I’m after you, come to the entrance discreetly so that we can join up. We’ll be stronger together. I’ll do the same for you if your number is before mine.”
He nods in agreement. “You’re right. We are much stronger together.” You shiver at the intense look in his eyes and ignore the idea that he means more than the game. He barely knows you, he can’t mean more than the game. ‘Can he…..no. It’s just the game.’ You think to yourself before turning as the PD calls to you and Ji-Yong. Looking around you realize that you’re the last ones to choose a card. Coming forward you look at the cards before choosing the one on the left, leaving the other for him.
Slowly turning over your card you smile as you see the number 2 looking up at you. Looking over at Ji-Yong you grin happily before placing the card face up and laughing. Turning to look up at him you smile at his amazed and excited expression. “We are so going to win! You got your favorite and lucky number!”
He laughs with a big smile before turning to the RM and his band mates. “Young bae! Top Hyung!” The two look up and grin as he shows them his card, the number 8. “She’s good luck!” He says in Korean, and you realize that he probably thinks you didn’t know what he said, and he did that on purpose. You decide to ignore what he said, not wanting it to mean something more than it was.
The PD directed everyone to stand in certain places, according to the numbers on your cards. You were told to stand next to Gwang Soo, he had number one, and Ji-Hyo, she had number three. You kept a warry eye on Gwang Soo, remembering vividly all of the episodes he betrayed people. Of course, you weren’t on his team. But you wouldn’t put it past him to try to get you out right away since you were second to enter.
The PD started talking and you took off your sunglasses so you could see better. It was getting darker outside, the day had gone by so fast. One of the VJs came forward with his camera down and offered silently to take them off your hands and you smiled and bowed in silent thanks before turning back to the PD.
Soon he was done talking and Ji-Hyo leaned over while all the others started talking excitedly. “He said, that we would enter in three minute intervals. And Gary is in the park already. He explained what he already told us.”
“Thank you Ji-Hyo.” You whisper back, bowing in gratitude. “Will you ask Jong Kook to explain that to my friends?” You had wondered if that was what he was saying, but you hadn’t been sure. “They don’t know as much Korean as I do.” She nods in agreement before shouting down the line at Jong Kook. He shouted back before turning to your friends to explain it to them. Once that was done you turned once again to Ji-Hyo. “We can go anywhere in the park, right?”
She nodded. “Anywhere in the park. We can’t leave it or we are eliminated.” She explained, crossing her arms in a pose of relaxation as the speaker came on and Gwang Soo was asked to enter the park.
Before he entered it completely there was some ribbing and bickering among the members, and you smile happily to yourself before taking out your phone to text your friends. The PD in charge came forward and asked you politely to put your phone away, to make it fair for the members. They couldn’t ask to take your phone, since you were just a guest and not one of their famous, expected and under agreement guests.
You nod in agreement and place your phone back in your pocket and instead just turn to talk to them over the RM members. Melanie had ended up as number 6 while Sarah was number 10. “Are you two having a lot of fun? Happy we came?” You ask loudly, to which Melanie and Sarah looked at you gratefully. While people speaking another language was great for you, your two friends weren’t used to not understanding what everyone around them was saying and you couldn’t help but grin at their slightly overwhelmed expressions.
“So far its fun. I’m tearing off that guys name tag before he can get mine though.” Melanie said, crossing her arms determinedly.
You laughed before shifting to give her your full attention as you waited for the time to count down for you to enter. “Melanie, he has really long arms and your really short. You’re going to have to ambush him. Otherwise he can just hold you in place and just reach to your name tag.” You warn her. Everyone laughs and you smile before your attention is grabbed by the PD coming forward.
“It is your turn, please enter.” You nod before walking away, your VJ following behind you. Turning before leaving completely you give your friends a thumbs up. “Good luck!”
After your words of courage your friends smile and wave before you turn and leave the area, hoping the time from now to when JiYong would be released would go quickly.
You creep forward knowing that Gwang Soo would be nearby still. Three minutes wasn’t much time for him to get very far, and you wouldn’t put it past him to focus more on tearing name tags than on finding the treasure that was the golden mics.
Hearing a scuffle far away you head in that direction carefully, going off the sidewalk and entering the foliage that was on the sides. Stopping you direct your VJ to follow your lead and kneel down as you crouch to crawl along the ground in order to remain hidden. Peeking through the leaves you see Gwang Soo and Gary in the middle of a scuffle. You carefully back up while their distracted. It’s the perfect chance for you to get away, for now. Your VJ backs up with you until your safely crouched on the sidewalk.
Turning you crouch run along the sidewalk, away from them and the entrance. You didn’t want to be found right away and staying here would be a sure fire way for that to happen. You thank your lucky stars that you weren’t first, otherwise you would have had to evade Gary by yourself.
You jog lightly down the sidewalk, looking at all the sights while thinking of the best place the mics might be at. Passing a sign you stop and back track to look at it, it was a map of the park. It looked like there was a volcano model on your right, on the opposite side where everyone was. In the direction you had already started in was a large building from Koreas past, between the two was a large body of water with a gazebo like structure. There looked to be about ten other buildings besides those two, of varying sizes.
Being unfamiliar with the park you weren’t exactly sure what all the buildings were, so you turned to your VJ. “Do you know anything about this park?”
“No. It just opened recently. I know theres a volcano…” The VJ replied, shrugging.
“That’s what I was afraid of. Well, time to explore!” You whisper excitedly while rubbing your hands.
“Player 4 entering! Player 4 entering!”
You look wide eyed where you came from, realizing that you had ignored the last announcement while looking at the sign. Luckily there was only 12 minutes or so before JiYong would join you.
Increasing your pace you start to look around for the best place to hide, knowing that the Mic would probably be in one of the buildings far away, and in one of them very close. The volcano was the first idea that popped into mind, but it was on the other side of the park from where you were, so that would be choice B. “So we’ll go to that huge building that looked like a castle or palace then.”
You turn from the sign and start heading in the direction the palace is located at, hoping you might find a golden mic early. It would be awesome to be the main person they show on the show, but at the same time very daunting. At least you wouldn’t be surprised, and you don’t have to be funny just because its variety.
You keep looking around, expecting someone else to show up. Luckily, the place is so big that you haven’t seen or heard anyone else except for Gary and Gwang soo.
“Player 5 entering! Player 5 entering!” You stop before breaking out into a job. Instead of going all the way to the palace you head to the closest building. The palace is too far away for you to make it there and then come back to find Ji-Yong. So, you decide to go to the building that looks like a large dome, not sure what you would find in it. Most likely something history related. That’s what it looked like the theme of the park was. The volcanos and buildings at least reminded you of something to do with history.
You enter the building, and sure enough there some historic relics and furniture along with some holograms playing. Theres nice oriental music playing softly, and a few places that were interactive.
Walking forward you turn and ask, “Am I allowed to touch anything? Normally nothing behind ropes is available for touching, but I’ve seen episodes where that doesn’t apply…”
The VJ shrugged. “The gold might be anywhere.”
You nodded before sighing and turning to search while keeping your ears open.
“Player 6 entering! Player 6 entering!”
“That’s Melanie. I hope she does well…” You mutter before continuing your search. So far Gwang Soo, Ji-Hyo, Ji Suk Jin, Haha, and Melanie had entered into the park with you. Gary was already in, and he’s the main deciding factor since he didn’t have a name tag to rip off. So the gold mics would have to be found, otherwise everyone would lose their tags and he would win.
‘And we can’t have that. I have to at least find one of them.’ You think to yourself, hoping it wouldn’t be too hard, but knowing it probably would be.
You start poking around, opening desks and looking behind doors while wandering around the building. You aren’t as thorough as you would have liked, mostly because you know that soon number 7, Jae Suk, would be entering, and then finally JiYong. You keep in mind the plan, when GDs number is called you would head towards the entrance.
“Player 7 entering! Player 7 entering!”
“Oh!” You turn and immediately run to the entrance. Once reaching the door you carefully open it and peek outside. It’s dark now, the only light coming from the cameras and the lamps along the sidewalks. Turning you look at your VJ. “Excuse me, would you mind keeping the light turned off? The lamps will make enough light to see me, and if I get caught you can turn it back on.”
The VJ hesitates a moment before nodding in agreement and flicking the light off. “Thank you! That’s usually how they get caught on the show all the time…” You turn and start to head out, crouched down while keeping your ears open for any footsteps.
Hearing voices you stop and lower farther down to the ground, turning and motioning your VJ to follow suit. Wobbling carefully forward you enter the foliage near the voices carefully, trying your hardest to not make a sound.
Peeking through the leaves you see that Gwang Soo and Melanie were in a stand off with Ji-Hyo and Gary. “Monday couple, I thought they were done with that.” You feel the need to help your friend, but you know she had hold her own very easily against the three RM members. Turning you continue to the entrance quickly, knowing that GD would be entering soon.
You reach the end of the foliage just as he enters with the announcement.
“Player 8 entering! Player 8 entering!”
well that's part 5! again I'm sorry about the wait. I've just been really busy. but part 6 ill be amazing! I promise that to everyone! :)
awwwwwww thanks you guys! @Kpossible4250 @BBxGD
@narutobandgeek I'm glad you love it! @BBxGD @Kpossible4250 ..... did you two not like it?
@falme2 No I did love it!!! I try to catch it when you posted it
@falme2 not at all girl. I know you still learning as you write.
ooh @BBxGD , Lol thank you. i was worried for a bit there that it wasn't any good
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