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First off NaruHina! This one is a 'Duh!' but I've supported them waaaayyyyy in the beginning.
Next up: SasuSaku! No Sakura haters! Sakura chose to fight with love instead of hate or desperation like Naurot and Sasuke. The training that Kakashi have them didn't really suit her just like Haishi"s training didn't suit Hinata. The way Sakura showed her love no matter who was around, reminded Sasuke of his family. They're is also proof of this in the beginning of Naruto.
ShikaTema Honestly, I'm just getting the obvious ones out of the way.
ChoIno!! I thought they were so cute together even though they had very little moments in the series...
NejiTent!! I hated the fact that Neji died! Sad face...
these are great. I loved NaruHina, always supported. my partner reallyl iked NejiTen as well
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