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~~~ WARNING!! SOME CHAPTERS WILL BE SMUT OR HEAVY LANGUAGE (nothing violent but just a lot of curse words)~~~ ~~~ This is dedicated to @Luna1171 because she's a hardcore Marksonian and I think she deserves this very much!!! ❀❀~~~
At the gala they stayed very close to each other ,but enough to not cause a misunderstanding. They talked like nothing mattered until they were called for another interview. "Dear Got7, it is a huge pleasure to have you here with us. I know this isn't the only gala you've been to, but you all look as handsome as ever." "thank you so much" "Ahhh, I would like to ask you guys, if you don't mind Jackson and Mark, but how come that after complete isolation between the two of you...... you're now suddenly acting like your old selves?" They didn't want to answer, but they knew sooner or later..... people had to know. "........actually...... we-we're...". Jackson stuttered "We're together......... as in dating". Mark answered, sweating and tears forming on his eyes quickly. The room went completely quiet and the rest of the members stared at the both of them with wide opened eyes. Desperate for something to change the immense silence, they stayed quiet, looking everywhere to find the exit and leave. The MC starts to talk with a smile as fake as the rest of his face. "Ohhh, what encouraged you to.... come out so quickly and sneakily?, why wait until now?" "well.... actually, we, um, we thought that hiding for too long would only lead to irrelevant suspicions and that isn't something we would like. As well as the whole hate that we'll probably receive because of this" "Ah, I see. But what makes you think that you will be bombarded with your sudden confession?" "Well....... knowing how some people are not very comfortable with things like this and possibly react in a way that doesn't seem rude. But, at the same time, some nitizens might react in a way that they don't really seem to realize, that it can hurt the feelings of people like us.". Jackson answers "aahh, well thank you so much for answering my questions and of course for the confession has let all us stunned. It was great to have you here once again Got7 and I hope that we can see you once again in next year's gala. Again, thanks so much for being here." ~~~~~ "Are fucking serous?, Jackson..... michyeoss-eo??!! (are you crazy)" "Yah, you told me to the right thing, so I did." "But you were the one who hesitated--YA!!!!! WAE??. Ani, I know, it's true, I was the one who told you to do it anyways. But, I hope it came from your heart and not for what I told you, ihae?? " "What makes you think that it was just because of what you said. I've been wanting to say it for so long and Mark did too." "Okay"
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