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some of the characters that I think should hook-up or hook back up are...
I just like the way these two compliment each other. storm being so regal, and bishop being so by the book.
with these two I like the contrast between them. mystique the assassin and forge the shaman.
with these two it was so much about she-hulk being caps best right hand person. he will depend on her, before he would almost anyone else. plus their attitudes do complement each other, with captain america being a straight laced soldier, and green genes being a lot more carefree, but she's still a lawyer by day.
when I think of being friend zoned, nobody had it worse than simon williams, and that's wild to me considering how her ex husband's brain pattern was based on the guy. maybe one day she will understand what's been right in front of her for years.
nikki and charlie-27. they've always had an on again off again relationship. I think it would be cool to see a 4 issue series about them getting into all types of crazyness.
basically they remind me of these two. the rich king who never had it hard financially, and the thief, that never asked, she just took it. it would be fun to see how this played out.
with the level of dislike between these two, I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.
I'm more surprised that, this didn't happen yet.
I love Cap and She-Hulk together. She's such a light-hearted person but she's very sympathetic, so I feel like they'd get along very well. And they have a pretty similar moral code. Plus.... lady lawyer. That would definitely appeal to Steve :D
I could never understand why they didn't become a thing
@TonyjJohnson771 bad timing behind the scenes would be my guess? I knew they needed the characters for different things so maybe they couldn't make it work with what they needed to publish