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Valentine's Gifts Based on Personality Types

It's not easy finding the perfect gift for your special someone, but their personality has a lot to do with what they like!

You can use this list and drop hints to your partner, or you can try to figure out your partners MBTI, and go off this list! Just be sneaky about how you figure it out ;)
Something to build or do together! A creative puzzle or model building set. If you like beer, maybe try gifting this person a beer-making kit. You might also want to buy them a favorite type of cookbook, and test out a meal together.
Something smart but also meaningful. Try gifting this person a biography of some one of their favorite people in history. Or a subscription to a magazine that coincides with their interests!
Something fun that this person can do on their own. Maybe a painting set, maybe a musical instrument they enjoy! If they are into more high-tech stuff, look at buying them a nice camera or a personalized device they've been looking at.
Get this person a gift that helps them be a better entertainer and friend! Perhaps a nice set of wine glasses, or appeal to their strategic thinking by getting a fun board game or foosball table! But make sure to play together after you give it ;)
Vinglers: @RosaArgueta
This person would rather have a fun experience then a tangible gift, so long as they are semi-tailored to their interests. If they are into fitness, buy them a cool yoga class for couples. If they are into travel, take a weird trip to a museum they've never been to. If they like seafood, buy them a raw fresh seafood meal! It's all about the experience for these folks!

Did I pick your ideal gift? Would your partner like something like this?

Don't know what you or your partners type is? Take the quiz <<HERE>> and let me know in the comments!
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@nicolejb yes I am an INFJ
2 years agoReply
Lol, board games are my favorite. This cannot be more accurate 馃槀馃槀馃槀
2 years agoReply
Beer kit sounds cool. Too bad I'm not a beer person
2 years agoReply
Maybe you are another food making person?@CPTdonut
2 years agoReply
@nicolejb Only out of necessity, hah.
2 years agoReply