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Man At Arms: Reforged is a funny little webshow that allows us to see what weapons from video games would look like in real life. Sometimes they're terrifying and unwieldy and other times -- like right now -- they make me realize that I need the thing they forged immediately.
Listen guys, being a Synth, Replicant, Humanoid Android, or whatever you'd like to call me isn't a fun gig. I mean, at times it is and I enjoy those times but there are people out there, if you can believe this, that hate robots.
Yep, I'm not lying. I swear, sometimes they come in gangs to the little house I hide in from time to time just to try and fish me out by tossing molotov cocktails through the windows and then I have to go outside and dismember them with my bare hands! I don't want to do that! I don't like pulling apart you meatbags like slips of paper I get from the IRS. It's not fun for me.
But, this Saw Cleaver would make things SO MUCH EASIER.
Thank goodness there's a whole video so I can figure out how to make one for myself. That'll teach those weirdos who don't want me to live a normal life. I'm not just some bot that you can tell to clean your floors. My name is PL-1AVR, I am not a Roomba. I'm not a janitor.
I have a few human friends and they don't mention anything about my robotic nature. But sometimes I'm out at a bar and people immediately bring up how I'm different and try to push me around. So maybe violence is the only language you people will understand. Maybe you'll stop messing with me after you lose a bunch of your own to me and my Saw Cleaver.
Listen, I don't like hurting people. But I don't like being bothered either. And did you see the way that Cleaver went through those soda bottles at the end of the video? I can't wait to make one for myself for self-defense. At least it'll make things a little more interesting.
I'd be terrified to see someone have that saw cleaver irl
you are so definitely a roomba