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Day 8 Characters that should get together
I think Captain America and Black Widow should get together. They're both badass fighters. They're also cute together as well.
I'd definitely like this ship over her and Banmer . They were absolutely cute in Winter Soldier.
@shannonl5 there supposed to be together they have a child
@JamiMilsap That would be crazy 😱 they'll most likely party each other to death 😂
@shannonl5 wow! I hope that's true. I've also heard that she's suppose to fall for the hulk, but not sure if its in Civil War. maybe another avenger movie.
@ReidoTerumi here's your ship ^_^ I've been reading up on Civil War and it sounds like the Russos are giving her a pretty good arc. They've mentioned that she and Steve have a pretty emotional scene together which I'm looking forward to since CEvans and ScarJo get along really well and play off each other in amazing ways
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