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It's no secret that some of us are going to spend Valentine's day alone. It's not good, it's not bad, it just is.
So for all of you who don't have a significant other to pal around with, here are some things you can do all by yourself. There's no reason for you not to have a fantastic day. Screw convention.

1. Plan a shopping trip.

I don't know about you, but nothing makes me feel better than shopping. I'm tight on money this month, but that's okay because its a short one. It's kind of incredible what retail therapy can do. Forget about Valentine's plans. Get yourself a pair of shoes.

2. Take yourself to a trendy outdoor cafe an people watch.

Watching all the love birds go by might not seem like a walk in the park, but while you're sipping a mimosa and chewing on some free bread you just might appreciate your singledom. Because you don't have to ask anyone what their restaurant preference is.

3. Binge watch your favorite show.

Hook yourself up with some snacks and a full day of nothingness while you binge watch your favorite program on Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go. Steal your friends passwords if you don't have your own!

4. Plan an overnight trip.

I love doing short trips. Valentine's day weekend I may head up to Sonoma valley to attend some wine tastings and visit friends. Even if its only for a day or two, I really appreciate getting away from the normal situations. It doesn't matter what day it is...good things happen when you get away from it all.

5. Grab some magazines and actually read them.

I don't knomw if its just because I'm old school...but I love magazines. And nothing's better than lighting up a good smelling candle and reading up on the latest trends. Fashion and beauty magazines are the tops, getting lost in those glossy pages full of beautiful things always boosts my mood.

6. Go spa yourself.

Everyone can get behind a little bit of pampering. One of my favorite things to do is getting a Lush bath bomb and setting up a bath. Take your favorite book or magazine in there and just soak the stress away. It's a really nice experience for those of us who live life stressed out.

7. Go for a long afternoon drive with nowhere in mind.

It's a pretty amazing feeling, having nowhere to go and nothing to do. Just fix that first part, and go somewhere. Great destinations include parks, museums or oddities: like going to see the biggest wicker basket or something. Seriously Instagram worthy!

8. Pick up your favorite foods and make your favorite meal!

The importance of your favorite meal can never be under-estimated. Yes, I don't have the best relationship with food, but there's nothing that a good cheese plate can't fix!

9. Gut your closet.

Organizing is a great way to kill time, and you can always make some progress in your life. While some people are out frolicking with their significant others that might not last through the weekend, you're making changes! It's always good to improve.

10. Call up a friend or family member for a V- Day Skype Session.

Valentine's Day isn't only about boyfriends and girlfriends. It's about appreciating love in general. So, call up someone you love and catch up. Whether its a grandparent you haven't heard from in a while, or a friend you miss, doesn't matter. Just celebrate all of the wonderful people you have in your life, that's real love.
Im going to do this !!!Oh yeah!!!
I can't do half these things because of snow rip :')
this is awesome! I'm all for the little overnight trips to cities near me :) it just makes sense!
I'm alone who wants to be with me
hang out inside and watch tv shows?! @kawaiiporpoise :)
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