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Shout out to all the angels that sub for us so we can also understand what our biases are saying!
This has happened to me waaay too many times (///▽///)
Lack of sleep, crying that they are in Korea and I'm here, not understanding what their saying, made fun of for liking those chingchongs, emotionally unstable....It doesn't matter. The only thing I regret is not finding out about kpop sooner XD
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perfect way to put it!!!😉😉👍👍
Yea, I've only been in the kpop Fandom for about a year. I've been listening to anime osts for years, and I've just now gotten into kpop. So glad that I've gotten into it, because it's help me connect with more people then I normally do with anime, and it helped me get closer with a friend of mine. I got her into watching anime, and she's kinda introduced me to kpop. So I'm happy 😆😆
Alllll of this XD its great!
yup only regret is not getting into it sooner... this journey is amazing. less than a year in and couldn't be prouder of what I'm changing into.. got to admit I'm happier.. and perhaps loads more emotional cuz of fangirling.