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(This week).

You know the deal by now, right? I'm thinking of two characters, one from Marvel and one from DC. I'll give you hints, and you'll guess in the comments! The answer will be revealed next week.
Character 1
The Comics Code Authority cracked down on his comics as an example He's also gone by 'The World’s Greatest Detective'
Character 2
His alter-ego is Dr. Donald Blake He debuted in Journey into Mystery

Think you can guess who? Comment and we'll see!

Did you guess last week?

Character 1 (introduced in 1966 + in 4 major films) was Peggy Carter!
Character 2 (parents killed by mob + once became a cop) was Dick Grayson!

Good luck everyone!

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I know Batman, but the second I'm not so sure
2 years ago·Reply
batman and Thor
2 years ago·Reply
Batman and Thor. too easy
2 years ago·Reply
Batman & Thor
2 years ago·Reply
the 2nd is so Thor lol
2 years ago·Reply