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Want to play click this link---> thanks to @MadAndrea and @amobigbang and so many others for the tag. Thanks to the best Bulletproof crew who game up with it @BulletproofV @MadAndrea @PrincessUnicorn @CreeTheOtaku @VKookie47 @SugaOnTop @amobigbang
This is cool pg 13 but awkward since I think of you as a brother
Jin it's cool. Probably a sleep from a food coma and dance practice. it's cool. Plus the sleep enhanced your beauty
Again I give you a kiss on the cheek. you are upset with me. sorry again like a little brother too me.
Just glad you had energy to play with me and get me the giant monkey I wanted to add to my collection.
V my V, like I would so love too.
Upset because I keep turning down his advances so sneaks alcohol
Awe I wish I could give you more
Then bam out of nowhere Jimin shows up. I cry because he belongs to my best amigo @amobigbang... and my love wanted to ditch me because he was upset I made kookie upset