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My Love Story!!❤
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@AlisonGrace This anime is about a big guy named Takeo who has a really cute best friend and since his friend is really cute all the girls go for him instead of Takeo until Takeo helps this girl on the train named Yamato who was being groped by a guy (#asshole) Ever since that moment they fall in love but its really cute and funny because Takeo thinks she likes the cute best friend! Everything works out tho and they end up confessing to each other its really a cute anime i really recommend it!
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@AimeBolanos the one thing I like about this anime is that they don't take forever to get together. like most anime's take the entire series
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@ChristinaOMalle omg i know actually see what happens after they got together was the best!
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@AimeBolanos its different but its good because we get to see them develop their relationship other than us being dragged on like "when are they going to get together?!?!"
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