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Just wanted to say that to the ones who celebrate it~ xD (Btw i also celebrate it!)
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@nicolejb Aww, hmm well maybe make a friend that celebrates that holiday or you can try to celebrate at a festival with your friends! i bet it'll be a great experience! (if there is a festival around your area that celebrates that~) hmm you could try to celebrate on your own or with your friends!
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Happy New Lunar Year! :)
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@poojas thank you! and you too! (if you celebrate xD) :3
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@xMangaLover I think I've head of her...but I'm not 100% sure, the name is familiar though, so I'll check later :)
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@MattK95 yey!! I think she's a cantanese singer, she also was in a few dramas i think ^^
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