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Vingle Valentines [Challenge!]
Hey, all my Lovebugs! :)
I hope you've all been checking out Cupid's Countdown. We've seen some AMAZING cards from some pretty incredible Vinglers.
But the fun is FAR from over. We're introducing a super fun challenge that is going to land you with more Valentines than you thought possible – the Vingle Valentines challenge!!

How to join in the fun:

1. Write a card tagging one of your favorite Vinglers.

2. Show them some love! Using images, GIFs, or text, tell them why you appreciate them.

Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to show a little love to all the special people in your life. You don't need an S.O. to hop aboard the feels train! Tag a Vingler, thank them for their friendship, and spread the love!!!!
Who wants in?! 😍
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Yaaayyyy yes ANYONE can join!!! Get in there @AimeeH!!! XD
2 years ago·Reply
Sorry i haven't got time to do this challenge! My vingle loves are the ppl who i tag in my every 'full written civilised' cards n whose cards i always like whenever i come across them! U guys know who u are😉 i don't need to say how your cards & comments always make me smile n make my day! You guys are the reason why i love vingle so much❤💋 LOVE U😚
2 years ago·Reply
@humairaa awwww thanks ❤️
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb welcome❤
2 years ago·Reply
I love you too little Fluffy ball! !!!
2 years ago·Reply