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Jiyong turns around and quickly grabbed Jen-ho and missed the knife. Jack grabs Jen-ho and pulls her away. Jiyong stands and face him. "You are not taking her " "She is mine, dead or alive. you won't have her." He grabs the knife fight and swing but Jiyong moved his body to the left and grabbed his hand and then elbow his face. Then he grabs the knife and took it away from him. The stepfather goes and grabs Jiyong from the shoulder and throw a punch at his face. Jiyong held on to the pain and throw two punches but the guy grabbed his hands and throw him on the floor. They both wrestle each other. Then Jack grabs the guy and knocks him down with a hit on the head with his gun. The stepfather drops to the floor. "You mother fucker. You ok Jiyong?" "Ya I'm good. Let's tie him up" Jack and Jiyong ties him to the pole where Jen-ho was tied up. Jin-ho then grabs a cup of water and gave it to Jiyong. Then he pours the water on the stepfather's face. He wakes up. "Now you better start talking on why you are targeting Jen-ho." "Because of you" "What about me? I don't even know you." Jen-ho walks forward and face him. "What happened to you? You was not like this." "Because of him" "We get the fucking idea, man. Just explain why." Jack shouted. "Jack, relax." "For real!!! We get the point that's its about, but whyyy. I want the juicy part not the dry part. " "Dude, I swear you are fucking weird." Jen-ho looks at the stepfather. "What happened?"
"Five years ago I loved you Jen-ho. I placed my life for you. I cherished you and gave you and your daughter the best. I wanted to be the father for Jin-ho. I wanted to do great things with you. Move into this house. But then I found out him. The man you said you love the most. I heard you talking with Jack about him. saying how much you love him and wish I was him. From that day my heart becamed cold. I started to hate you ever since. I wanted to make you miserable, for breaking my heart. Then I heard he came back to Seoul. You take me out, so I will take you out, butvaway from and that brat of yours." Jen-ho couldn't take it. She can't believe the words he is saying, especially towards her daughter. Her anger builds. "You mother fucker!!!" She slaps across his face. Jack grabs Jen-ho. "Enough! This will be over tonight" Jiyong said. "If you can" Then all of a sudden Four guys enter the room. They all circled Jack, Jen-ho, Jin-ho and Jiyong. The guys get closer. Jack and Jiyong put the girls behind them. "Jack, you ready?" "Baby, I thought you never asked." They both smiled at each other and then look at their targets.
Jack walks forward to two guys with a huge smile on his face. He opens his arms wide open. "Go time boys" The guys started to swing and he dodges quickly. Then Jack grabs one of the guys neck and slam him on the floor. Then he swings his legs and kick the other guy on his jaw. Jack then falls back as the other guy grabbed his neck with his neck. Jack struggles to get the guys leg free. Then Jack bring his legs up and grabbed the guys neck, he starts pulling his neck. The guy squeezes harder in Jacks neck , but Jack pulled his last strength and pulled the guys neck till his neck cracked. "Damn, I thought I lost my neck" Then the other guy throw a kick, Jack got hit. "You son of a bitch!!" Jack grabs the guy and they both gave each other swings. The guy pins Jack down. Jack struggles to get him off. Then Jack saw Jiyong. His heart drops.
Jiyong stands still and just gives them a serious look. *come on* Then he gives them a small side smile. The guys starts to walk towards Jiyong, then they start swinging. Jiyong used his hands and blocked every punches and kicks. Then one of the guys grabs Jiyong wrist and drops Jiyong to the floor, but Jiyong quickly flipped over and grab the guy and he quickly grabs the knife in his pocket. He stabs the guy over and over. Jiyong is tired of giving people mercy. Then all of a sudden..... Jack saw what made his heart dropped. Then he quickly grabbed the guy that was pinning him down and brake the guys hand. Then he goes running towards Jiyong. "JIYONG!!!" Jack yells and Jiyong looks at Jack running towards him. Jack hugs him. BANG BANG Jiyong eyes popped open and the girls yelled.
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