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If you clicked on this card thinking that there was going to be some kind of deathmatch between Video Game Physics and Real Life Physics with a wrestling ring and some pyrotechnics. Oh! And maybe that "Let's get ready to rumble" guy will be there too! Hold on, hold on, I'm getting ahead of myself here because I'm really just trying to tell you guys that this isn't that card. It's just like all of my other cards. You know, this block has a screenshot from the video I'm talking about. And then I say something like "this is amazing because [insert something amazing]" and "I can't believe someone put time and effort into this" or "it's kind of cool that someone did this". And then maybe there's a link you can click on to go to the YouTube channel that posted this video [it's right here if you're wondering].
I just think that we know each other well enough now that the formula in which I write cards is getting kind of stale. I mean, in this block with the video, I'll say "I don't know how they got access to cars like that" or "I wonder who's idea this was because it's pretty awesome". And then I'll detail a moment from the video that I enjoyed. Like "it's pretty insane that they had a car smash into a wall like that". And then I'll talk about how it made me feel a little bit uncomfortable because "I'm scared of car accidents" and then a joke: "don't you know those things are basically weapons we're all allowed to drive." And after I say that I'll go on some tangent about cars and weapons and how they're one in the same. Also, it'll probably be pretty absurd because that's my sense of humor. Maybe there'll be a morbid joke about death but then I'll remind you guys not to drink and drive because that's irresponsible. You guys know the deal here. Just watch the video. Maybe comment. Then I'll respond and we'll do the whole thing over again in a couple of hours.