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College is a really fun time. Some call it the "best years" of their lives. But what our parent's generation didn't have that we have today is FOMO or also commonly known as "Fear-Of-Missing-Out". Though there were probably plenty of times people were upset for missing fun events in past generations, they had no connection to it other than hearing about it after it had already ended. In today's day in age, FOMO is maximized because you can attend an event that you weren't at. FOMO is a huge social issue in today's generation because with the mentality of "take a picture or it didn't happen" stands true for many teenagers. Here are the reasons why FOMO sucks in today's day in age:

Social Media

We're in an age of social media domination. Tweeting, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube...they're all in demand of constant attention but the true killer is Snapchat. People today can attend events they were unable to attend without being there, locally or around the world. People can get an inside view on an event they weren't even invited to. It all creates a world of "missing out", being unworthy of an experience. When you watch your friends have fun through a screen, you're more inclined to feel upset that you missed out. Everyone's talking about it on social media and it's something you don't get to be a part of. This is such a first world problem, especially a 2016 problem. Our parents and grandparents can never relate.

Little Discussion

No one talks about parties for more than one day anymore. Why? Because everyone you talk to already knows what happened. You drunk texted the entire night. There's over 50 pictures of you all doing the same poses in front of the same wall that has decent lighting. Your snapchats are an array of you slurring your words to the best of the 90s hits. Facebook usually remains silent yet has the Facebook event invite that reads that the party is over. In today's world, kids have forgotten how to communicate. FOMO happens because you feel more pressure that you missed because no one talks about it and you already know every detail of the party. It's the constant elephant in the room and you can't say a word about it.


Especially in your college years, alcohol, drugs, and sex are basically the only thing on your mind. And with these things enhances experiences which many feel are only enjoyable when you're young. They aren't always bad things despite what your parents tell you. They're fun. We all know they're fun. And there's a million reasons why you want to do them. Everyone's doing is so why wouldn't you? Many of you say that thinking that way is horrible but we live in a world of followers so it shouldn't be a surprise. They are the three most desirable things in the world and they create FOMO. They are advertised as fun, and you want to be the fun embodiment that they seem to emulate.

Social Expectations

"Pics or it didn't happen." "These are the best years of your life." "Only tag me in a good pic." "What's trending today?" "Do you have a good #tbt?" All of these statements and questions only reinforce FOMO. If you're not up to date, you're late. You missed the newest style trend, you missed out. You didn't go to Coachella? You missed out. You haven't gotten drunk to Beyoncé's new song that dropped less than 24 hours? FOMO. All of these things reinforce the idea that unless you're early or somehow on time, you're missing out. We have these social expectations that you need to do everything to avoid FOMO. And if that means taking a social media hiatus for a few days, by all means, go for it.