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So I asked a friend of mine if she wanted to hangout on Valentine's because we both didn't have plans and she's trying to move on past a guy. But I don't know if she will ever like me. Should I just have fun as friends or try and make a move?
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Thank you so much guys. This will truly help me
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I would just be friends for a while and see if she gives signs that she likes you. if not then I think it would be good to be friends
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Yeah this is a toughy with little information. plan on something that's friendly and low pressure. If you feel like there's a small connection go for the hand. It's harmless and if she doesn't reject hand holding you're in a good spot. If she does reject it then it's such a small gesture you can apologize and both brush it off
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I feel as if you should help her move past it as a friend, and then make a move at a later time together. As she is emotionally unstable right now and needs a crutch to lean on until her wounds heal. And if your that crutch and know how to hold her up and get through this, I feel she will trust and connect with you more.
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A very awkward situation. I think you should be there for her as a friend but I would definitely keep a simmer going so you dont end up getting friend zoned because she doesnt want to risk the friendship. So, yes, I believe you should be friends but certainly let her know you are interested when she is ready.
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