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I know sometimes I tease you, or accuse you of having a dirty mind, or make fun of your old-couple bickering with @marshalledgar, but...
(Pictured above, from left to right: @InPlainSight, me, and @marshalledgar)

You're pretty darn awesome.

You've always been there for me when I've been down, supported me through my harrowing adventure to find Mr. Right, and made me laugh just about a million times.
Your friendship, kindness, amazing sense of humor, and hilarious hi-jinx are what make Vingle the awesome place it is. Seriously, meeting you on here has been unforgettable.
I want you all to know, kids...
Sometimes the most valuable treasures are hidden @InPlainSight.
And... I hope we keep seeing new episodes of @InPlainSight for many seasons to come.
Lots of "Gentle Hugs" from these creepy baby owls, my friend.
Happy Valentines Day, IPS. <3
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Hahah thanks @2Distracted 馃榿馃榿 he's an awesome one!!
I get a smidge spicy from time to time @allobaber. hehehe
haha.. nice card and image馃憤... you lucky one @InPlainSight