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Chapter 8: Lucid.

The day came and went like always. Nothing new occurred. I caught myself staring at Jakyung during our last class. I couldn't help it. Her beauty mesmerized me. "Taehyung-sshi?" I hear my teacher call. "Yes, ma'am?" I replied respectively, embarrassed that I wasn't paying attention. "You were assigned to do cleaning today." She said. "Ne...." I nodded kinda bummed about this. But, it can't be avoided. "You will be cleaning some of the classrooms alongside Jakyung-sshi." "What?" Both Jakyung and I shouted causing the class to look at us. "Is there a problem?" Professor Yee looked apprehensive. "No ma'am." We both replied. She continued to work on the problem she began writing on the board before. I was actually happy about this.....maybe I could get Jakyung to talk to me. Maybe even ask her to the party with me. I looked to my left to find Jakyung looking at me with a somewhat guilty expression. When we made eye contact, she looked away quickly. She acted as if she wasn't just looking at me. I shook my head and continued working the problem. After school, I'm going to get Jakyung to talk to me. --After School, Professor Yee's classroom-- Jakyung and I were currently on our second room, cleaning.....and she hasn't said a word. I'm really starting to worry. I kept glancing at her as I swept the rooms and she cleaned the desks. Her hair falling in her face. Whenever I would get close to her, she would move to the next table. "Okay. What is going on?" I stop sweeping and look at her. She sits up and sighs, it sounding muffled because of her mask. She runs her arm across her forehead. "What do you mean?" She retorts, looking back at me. "You have been avoiding me even more than before. What gives, Jakyung-ah? Have I done anything wrong?" I ask. " haven't done anything." Her voice sounds strained. She starts taking off her gloves and mask. She runs a hand through her hair, looking exhausted. Her blazer sleeve slides down, exposing a dark bruise on her wrist. "What the?" I dropped the broom with a loud clang and ran over to her, taking her forearm and bringing it closer to me. "What are you doing?" She sounds terrified. "What is this?" I start to pull up her sleeve but she tries desperately to pull away. "Leave me alone!" She yelled, pulling her arm back. Her face contours in pain. But I finally pull up her sleeve about elbow high to see her arm...... . . . . . . covered in so many bruises. She stops trying to pull away; embarrassment lining ever inch of her face. She looks away, ashamed. I looked at each of them, stunned. I feel a deep murderous rage inside of me. "Who did this to you?" I ask. She just looks away. "Who?!?" This is my first time yelling at her. She looks at me, appaled. "Let. Me. Go." She mutters. "But I....I'm sorry.....I just want to help." My voice comes out barely a whisper. "You've helped enough. Just let me go, okay?" She pulls away, my grip on her loosens and she runs out of the room quickly. I feel like someone just ripped up my heart and threw it away. I just hurt her worse.....why can't I do anything right? My best friend is obviously hurting and I.....can't seem to do anything right. --Two Hours Later-- I finally finished cleaning those classrooms. I still felt guilty about the whole thing. Why did she have those bruises...why wouldn't she tell me? What is going on? I'm so confused right now. I took a breath in before entering my house. The lights were off. The only light coming from the street lamps outside that gazed everything in a orange glow. I sighed and walked inside, removing my shoes. I started walking to my room. Not before, stopping in front of Jakyung's door. I had the strong desire to knock on her door to make sure she's okay. But...something much stronger made me think it was smarter to just give her space. She must still be a bit freaked from what happened. I entered my room and fell on my bed, bouncing slightly. I closed my eyes and listened. I heard the soft shuffles of feet across carpet.... the creak of bedsprings. Some sniffles. I had a feeling that was my fault. 'What's wrong with me?' I thought, just as my phone began to ring. I looked at the screen and was my mom. I took the phone and answered just on the second ring. "Yeoboseyo?" I answer. "Taehyung-ah?" My mother's voice came through. I sighed happily. I missed my mom so much. "Hey, eomma. How are you?" I asked, sitting up. "I'm fine honey, thank you. How about you? Have you been eating well? Any problems at school?" She pestered. "No ma'am. Everything is just fine. How about you guys? How are you?" I returned the questions. "We're fine. We miss you so much, sweetie." She muses, I hear the smile in her voice. Knowing my mom was smiling made me smile. "I miss you guys too." I chuckled. "I've heard....what happened to Jakyung-ah and her mother." My smile disappears. My mother sounded sad now. "Oh yeah...that." I sighed. "Honey, tell her I'm so sorry for her loss and that she always has us for support. Her mother was one of my best friends. It's such a tragedy something like this happened to such a nice girl." "I will." "How has she been?" Honestly I don't know. "She's been....dealing with it." I answered as truthfully as I could. I'm not very sure how to explain all of's quite confusing. But I'm not going to tell's would just make her worry. "Well, honey. I know it's late there. I will let you get back to your studies. Make sure to eat a good dinner, you and Jakyung-ah." She reminds. "I will." "Love you Taehyungie!" She gushes, still sounding a bit sad. "Love you too eomma." We hung up after that. I hugged the phone to my chest. Now if only Jakyung would so much as talk to me...maybe everything would be okay..... Right?
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why can't you figure it out that the girls are hurting her because you are her friemd. those stupid evil bitches. well love the story but my feels many feels @ILikeHisFace123
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