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So I know that a lot of people aren't fans of 30STM, but this band means the world to me for several reasons, but I will only list 2 of them. First of all, if I hadn't become obsessed with this band, I wouldn't have listened to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and so many others. I never would have listened to Rise Against or Green Day or Blink-182. All the bands and all the music and all the lyrics that have changed me, all of them were available to me because of Mars. Secondly, the words that Jared, Shannon, and Tomo wrote speak to me on so many levels. This song, Escape, just absolutely kills me. "Time to escape the clutches of a name, no this i not a game, it's just the beginning. I don't believe in fate, but the bottom line is it's time to pay, you know you've got it coming. This is war." To me this song is about breaking free and accepting who you are. It's about looking back at all that you have been through, accepting how it has impacted you, and moving on. It is a song about revenge. It is about the people who have hurt you. It's about getting back what was taken from you. I know that sounds agressive, but it doesn't have to be. I just spoke to my father for the first time in 3 months after I found out he'd been cheating on my mom for the past year. It was good. It was really good. It wasn't easy, but it was needed, and things are going to get better now. I didn't kill him for what he has done to us, but I said what I needed to say and we are the better because of it. This song is about getting your life back. It's time I did that.
OH MY GOD! That is so wonderful. I'm a sucker for Jared lol but I'd die if I met them!!! @JayZK
@TessStevens Really! That makes me very happy! Thank you :) They are spectacular. I met Shannon (who is my favorite member) two weeks ago and I actually almost cried. And he could definately tell πŸ˜‚ I just said "I'm sorry, I'm just really happy to see you" and he sajd "I'm happy to see you too!" It was overwhelming. Those boys mean the world to me.
Oh my god I love 30 Seconds To Mars. Seriously. I'm really proud of you for talking with that person who hurt you and your family. I understand how difficult those experiences can be! I'm proud of you, and I'm glad you found strength in the music. It's really refreshing to hear your take on it. Jared Shannon and Tomo would be proud. I love those guys. Great music and even better people.
I know!! My goal was to not pass out. I saw Shannon's triad tattoo under his left ear from about 20 feet away and I stopped breathing immediately πŸ˜‚ @TessStevens